Going Back in Time–My Trip to Hawaii 2020 Part 4

Forty years ago, we lived on the Big Island of Hawaii. Now–40 years later, I went back there to see how it has changed. These are my recollections of that trip back in time.

Liliokaloni Park

This is a Japanese-style park and quite different from most American parks. Wikipedia says of this park: “Much of the park now consists of Edo-style Japanese gardens, built 1917-1919, and said to be the largest Japanese park outside Japan.”

We have many memories of visiting Liliokaloni Park, both in 1978-1980, when my son and his family visited there in 2005, and present day.

Liliokaloni Park, Hilo, Hawaii

This beautifully landscaped park features arching bridges over fishponds, rock gardens, pagodas, Japanese stone lanterns and a teahouse. Views of Hilo Bay and Mokuola (Coconut Island) enhance this peaceful setting. 

The park is an Oriental treasure so different from most of today’s parks.   

Rainbow Falls

           The Rainbow Falls in Hilo is a broad waterfall in the Wailuku river and it  is conveniently located within Hilo town. It cascades over a lava cave that according to legends is home to the ancient Hawaiian goddess Hina, the goddess of the moon.

           Depending on the amount of rainfall upstream in the preceding days the falls can be either roaring or they can be reduced to a trickle.

In the Hawaiian language, the rainbow falls are called “rainbow [seen in] water”, or Waiānuenue.

Nona and Aiden at Rainbow Falls

When we lived in Hawaii, a cyclone hit the island and Rainbow Falls had a tremendous flow!

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