2020 What a Year!

The year began very nice—we had some good snowstorms and things were going well.

Then in February Diana, Jason and Aiden Bowler joined me on a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii where we lived over 40 years ago (1978 to 1980). The Bowlers went to Oahu and Maui besides Hawaii, but I only went to Hawaii.

It was a trip back in time, seeing many of the places we lived so long ago, and so many memories. We stayed on Kona and went over to Hilo, then stayed at the Volcano Park in an old-time bed and breakfast.

I snorkeled, then climbed out onto sea urchins, which stuck in my right hand and arm. I ended up in an urgent care center where they checked me out and reminded me to soak my hand in vinegar. I went to the Kona Temple where I did initiatory work for six women. We also went to Church in Kona and it was so familiar, even to the people singing “Aloha-oa” after church to a lady moving out of the ward.

It was at the urgent care center that I heard the first rumors of the “Corona Virus” that was just becoming known. Luckily, we got back to Utah before the Pandemic really hit!!!!!

Marc & Jacci were in Italy the same time as we were in Hawaii, but Italy had become a super spreader, and they had to quarantine in a bed and breakfast in Utah County before they could move back home.

Suddenly we were all wearing masks and because of my age and health status, I was a major risk, so Marc and Jacci did all the shopping. I was able to go to the doctors and get epidural and nerve ablations. My lower back has stenosis and disk bulging on both sides, as well as scar tissue on my cervical spine.

May we finally yet together outside for a family get-together at Diana’s and I got my first permanent by Jacci. I still didn’t dare get my hair cut by Heather. After the summer I started getting haircuts from Heather, but she came to my house and cut my hair on the front patio.

In June Marlowe and the twins drove to Big Skye Montana where they had paid for a rental, and Diana, Aiden and I have joined them. It was a wonderful time to relax and enjoy a change of scene. The Layton Temple had a ground-breaking,

In July, Marc and Jacci continued to clean up the top of my front hill and dug up the old tree trunk. In August started performing in “Million-dollar quartet” and finally cut the hair that he’d let grow for eight months.

In September Marc and Jacci got married in an outdoor pandemic wedding (complete with masks). Marlowe flew out to join us. It was a wonderful day. In October we had a tremendous windstorm and the big trees behind our backyard were broken off and landed on our apricot tree.

In November I finally got the quilt I made to keep me busy quilted. We went to the new Veteran’s Park in Bountiful, and I took Digital Scrapbooking classes. December was a bust when I burned my arm with my curling iron, and I got cellulitis in it. Marc and Jacci gave me a new stove as a gift for letting them live with me. Then my granddaughter, Jenni VanderMeyden moved in so it got even more crowded. I alsp broke my left hand and had it in a cast for 3 months.

In December we had birthday with Arianna, around a firepit in the cold back patio. It was a super quiet Christmas, but the kids gave me a video where they sang “My Favorite Things” describing all the gifts they gave me—security cameras, ring doorbell, clothes, books, flowers, etc. What fun.

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