How Flu Affects Teens

(circa 1985–Italy) I don’t need to look at the calendar to know what time of year it is–by all of the coughing, sneezing, and suffering going on at our house it must be the cold and flu season. And this year’s strain of “B-Victoria” flu can be far more dangerous than you expect. Not onlyContinue reading “How Flu Affects Teens”

The Key to My Dreams

As a teenager, I was a major Grinch. During my senior year especially, I was surly and uncommunicative. It wasn’t just our family’s financial situation—we were not the poorest family in our neighborhood, but we were not well-to-do. I’d grown up in West Bountiful (on the other side of the tracks) and we’d moved toContinue reading “The Key to My Dreams”


I was very nervous about going up to Burley, Idaho for our Open House after our wedding in 1963. We’d been married the week before, gone on our honeymoon, and now a week later we were having an open house reception at his brother’s home in his hometown to celebrate our wedding. It wasn’t thatContinue reading “Shivaree”

The Night the Sky Exploded

Vicenza, Italy military housing complex Fall 1984 ‘Even the cornstalks seem menacing,’ I thought as we followed the narrow path through them toward the military housing. The cornfields back home had never seemed as tall or as threatening. They hadn’t blocked out the sun or shed strange menacing shadows as these did. I tried toContinue reading “The Night the Sky Exploded”

My Mother’s Cooking

My mother was not a great cook. To her cooking was the way to prepare food so your family didn’t starve, and in as inexpensive a manner as possible! She had a large family, seven children, too much to do, and it was just another chore. She was an artist, and she saved her creativityContinue reading “My Mother’s Cooking”

Artifact or Junk

We had been stationed at a military base in Northern Italy for 2 ½ years, and at never had the chance to get to Greece. So, in Easter of 1987, we celebrated by taking our children, 18-year-old Athena, 17-year-old Marc, 10-year-old Diana and baby Bryan to Greece for spring break. Our oldest, Marlowe was onContinue reading “Artifact or Junk”

A Memorable Vacation

A Memorable Vacation Our family did not often go on vacations when I was a child. We would go down to my grandmother’s home in Monroe Utah, or we would go to family reunions, but that was usually my family’s idea of a family vacation. I never stayed in a motel or hotel until IContinue reading “A Memorable Vacation”


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