Coronavirus Pandemic—20 weeks

When you think life can’t get any worse, you’d be surprised that it just goes on and on and on.

It is almost August and the pandemic which in April was becoming contained and number of cases and deaths were going down, is now out of control, especially in Florida, Texas and California! There, the economies were opened, and Florida doesn’t believe in masks.

Masks have become divisive, where those who protest that they have the right to not wear a mask, are endangering others (the mask doesn’t protect you, but  when you wear one, it protects others from you). Not wearing a mask is saying that you don’t care whether others become sick or not. You care only about yourself.  (see Why I’m Not Wearing A Mask:

We had a really exciting incident one Friday. Marc and Jacci were getting ready to go boating when police swarmed over the street blocking off the road. One of the neighbors (two houses down) had become suicidal and had a gun and the police didn’t know whether he would attack others. They got his wife and daughter out of the house and brought them down to our garage where we entertained the daughter while the mother tried to work with the police to disarm the situation! An hour later it was over and everything was okay. I was just glad to help out. We never know what is going to happen ever!!!!


I’ve made a set of six patchwork placemats and a runner. I’ve continue to work on my quilt. I have found ways to accomplish things that seem undoable (ordering groceries online and picking them up at the car), though I usually just send Bryan down to get them.

I’ve accomplished a few “home projects” that I’m excited about. I got my retaining wall on my front lawn so the steep drop off isn’t as pronounced. It cost $3500.00, and we had to plant new lawn, but it’s looking good.

I had to get my air conditioner fixed ($1500.00), and I finally fixed the pocket door to my bathroom that hasn’t worked in years!!!!!! It cost about $300.00), but all are projects that needed to be done. With Marc and Jacci here, they’ve improved the sprinklers, so my yard looks better than it has for years! (I also am paying a lawn service to fertilize and weed-proof the grass). So, I have done some good projects.

I’ve been able to attend Church virtually. They are having services with half the ward one week and half the next, but I don’t dare attend either because of my help. Brother Parker loaned me one of the handi-capped hearing devices and I’ve been able to sit in my car in the parking lot and hear the services. Then I have either Jason or Dirk give me the sacrament, because I can’t receive that in my car.

Marc and Jacci also are redoing the top of my hill where they pulled out the tree roots. But since it’s hot they’ve given up and it is covered with weeds.

I also was stooped over working in my rose garden when I lost my balance and fell and broke a bone in my hand. So now I’m in a bright red cast!

But life goes chugging on! Day by day, we’re surviving the pandemic and I’m still stuck home, but that’s okay.

I’ve had Aiden and his cousin over here slip and sliding, which has been fun.

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